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SUP COM Editor

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SUP COM Editor

by sp111kg » 04 Apr 2014 21:04

I wanted to say thanks for making the editor. I was never able to get the games editor to work.
Though, I have a question. In FA, aster converting the map to FA using the marker editor, the AI insta dies.
Is there somthing im doing wrong or can some one help point me in the right direction to solve this. Tried reading tutorials and i came up empty.
Thanks for any help.
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Re: SUP COM Editor

by Hazard » 09 Apr 2014 12:05

Hi! I don't remember whether or not i encountered an error like this before. I didn't touch SupCom or any maps in years and forgot pretty much any details about mapmaking for SC or FA. Something in the lua scripts is probably messed up. You could upload the defective map somewhere so that i'm able to take a look at it. Can't promise that i'm able to find a fix, though.
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