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The menu showing only if moving the mouse--but why?

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The menu showing only if moving the mouse--but why?

by WineBuG » 20 Oct 2013 15:05

This bug is not only present on Windows, but also when using Wine with Linux. I'm trying to debug this problem here:

I guess the issue doesn't occur in all Windows versions (Wine has an option to imitate various Windows releases, but it doesn't work in this case). As modders, do you have any additional information which could help to iron out this bug from Wine?
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Re: The menu showing only if moving the mouse--but why?

by Hazard » 21 Oct 2013 15:53

As far as i know windows 95 used to send continous WM_MOSEMOVE window messages to the active window (or something like that), while newer versions only send them when necessary. That's why it was (ab)used as a timer in DbtS. Generating an empty WM_MOSEMOVE message each frame might fix the issue, but i never really bothered to fix it because having to move the mouse a little isn't anything gamebreaking.
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