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How to use de OFF editor?

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How to use de OFF editor?

by Sir Pedro » 10 Nov 2009 20:22

Hello, dbts is my best game, and I think that this board is the last of this game. I have created my own charater, is the hero, but whit my face, my voice, and some changes in the armor and clothes. And now I want to create an arena. I have the off editor, but I don´t know how to install, because is en German and I don´t understand (I try with a translator, but is not very well).
My question is this: anybody can explain how to install the off editor?

Sir Pedro
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Re: How to use de OFF editor?

by Blinn » 27 Dec 2011 19:33

Have you tried opening the .off files with Notepad? Or notepad++?
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