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4Teams Arena Mod

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4Teams Arena Mod

by Blinn » 05 Sep 2012 14:01

I've created my first Arena, thanks to the instructions that Hazard left on his thread. The thread can be found here:



- Fixed a problem that prevented players from choosing different teams other than Skulls.

1.0 - First release

Known Issues - To avoid unintentional chaos, please do not choose any team other than Skulls, Wolfpack, Crossknights, or Black Spiders.

This arena has 4 distinct teams:

"Skulls" - Dwarves
"Wolfpack" - Humans
"Crossknights" - Skeletons
"Black Spiders" - Orcs

Each team is made up of 4 creatures including the playable actors.

Unzip the attachment to your Mods folder. If you have trouble getting it to run, follow the instructions on the link provided. Here's how I do it:

1: I rename all the files that begin with the default arena name "aNBattle" to whatever name I choose, in this case 4Teams.
2: I copy and paste the .dat file into the data folder.
3: I copy and past the .evt file into the Scenes folder.
4: I use ATDPack to extract the contents of the .dat file and rename the files from aNBattle to whatever name I choose.
5: I repack the .atd file.

NOTE: you must make the .xml file for the mod to appear on the Launcher. click the link above and follow the instructions. It's just a matter of copy and pasting some text and making changes to the descriptions.

I hope you enjoy this arena as much as I did. :)
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Re: 4Teams Arena Mod

by Hazard » 11 Sep 2012 20:05

Your mod won't install correctly with the current Mod Manager contained in the Xtended Launcher. My description on how the make mods is not very accurate at the moment, so it's not surprising when there's some confusion. I'll try to clarify some things here.

Here is how to fix you mod for it to install correctly with the Mod Manager.
Go to the mods\4Teams folder and do this:
- Delete the mod.ini - it's for a very old version of the Mod Manager and isn't needed anymore.
- Create a folder "scenes" and move the "4Teams.evt" into it. Because the file belongs into the scenes.atd and every subfolder of your mod is equivalent to the ATD the files are supposed to go into.
- The "4Teams.atd" needs to be extracted because the Mod Manager needs unpacked files. Just extract it and put the "4Teams" folder there, instead of the "4Teams.atd". Because, same as above with the "scenes", every subfolder in your mod will be treated as an ATD in the end, but an already packed ATD won't work.
- Now open "modinfo.xml" in a texteditor. "Image File" is still set to "modpreview.jpg" like in the example, but your image is actually named "image.bmp". Change the entry to "image.bmp" and the image will actually show up in the Mod Manager.
- Since you alrady are in the XML file, also change the mail address. It's still set to "" like in my example. Either change it to your mail address or remove the entry when you don't want to give it out.
- That's it. It should show up correctly in the Mod Manager now and will install fine too.

I actually made a ZIP file of the fixed mod. So when you are unsure on how to do it, just download it:
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Re: 4Teams Arena Mod

by Blinn » 11 Sep 2012 21:49

Thanks Hazard. :)

I wasn't aware of all that. I'll be sure to keep that in mind the next time I upload a mod.
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