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Anyone heard of/tried PS Move?

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Anyone heard of/tried PS Move?

Postby Daestathsh » 01 Apr 2011 09:31

Hello, im a new member to the community but ive owned DBtS for a pretty long time, it amazing to find a community on the game at last! The game truly deserves one. (Id also like to just say that the DBtS Xtended mod is the most amazing thing ever and i love its creator.)

Anyway- Has anyone in this community played Playstation move? You know, the thing everyone thinks is a Wii ripoff? Have you tried to Gladiator duel game in Sports Champions? It gave me the greatest idea/dreamthatwillprobablynevercometrue ever. If Die by the sword was ported to ps3 with move support, i believe.. just.. all my dreams would come true. It would be the most amazing game ever, perfect if they movements and such were synchronized like "Gladiator duel". Im not sure quite what im saying here, its not like anyone could do that, but i just have to let this out. With the navigation controller for movements.. Agh, yes.

Does anyone agree? Has anyone else had this thought?
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