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Adding new creatures?

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Adding new creatures?

Postby Sorrow » 28 Feb 2008 15:30

How do I add a new creature to the game?

Is there any site with modding tutorials? I only found the info about file formats on this site.
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Postby Cpk » 01 Mar 2008 12:05

I couldn't find any tutorial for modding of the game. There is a huge wall for it...
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Postby Hazard » 11 Mar 2008 20:35

There is no tutorial for char-creation, sadly. I should have made one several years ago while i was working on my chars. There is not much information of it left in my brain. (yeah, i'm getting old. :wink: )

however, some small hints to get started:
- take one of the existing chars that already fits best to the char you'd like to make (starting with my death knight as a template might be a little easier, since i've cleaned it up alot and removed some unused stuff to keep it as simple as possible)
- extract the ATD file with some ATD packer
- copy the resulting folder and choose a name for the new folder that fits to your char (maybe "mychar")
- look into the folder and rename all files that start with the old foldername to the new one (ie. if you renamed the folder from "knight" to "mychar", you'll have to modify all files which name starts with "knight" and rename it to "mychar". "knight_portrait0.bmp" will become "mychar_portrait0.bmp".)
- do the same for all files that start with the first 4 letters of the foldername (ie. "knig_gl2.bmp" -> "mych_gl2.bmp")
- now open your "mychar.act" file with notepad and change all "knight" entries to "mychar" (or whatever the old and new foldernames are in your case)
- do the same for your "mychar_variants.lst" file (and maybe some other files i missed currently)

all requirements to get the char running should be fulfilled now. To check that everything is running fine open your "mychar_variants.lst" with notepad and change the name (first line in the file) to anything you like. (ie. "My_Testchar") Spaces might not be supported, you better use underscores "_" instead. Now pack your "mychar" folder using the ATD packer and fire up DbtS to see if your char shows up and is playable.

i can't give you much more infos about modding at the moment. here are just some hints on the files in the char folder:
- mychar_variants.lst contains the name of the char and infos on which variants (usually different weapons) are selectable for the char
- mychar.sta contains hitpoints, armor and some AI infos on the char
- mychar.att contains some general settings for the char
- *.off are model files
- *.tga are textures
- and much, much more stuff to play around with

i hope this was at least a little bit helpful to get started.
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