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The best control option

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The best control option

Postby DrRobert » 25 May 2010 03:08

Great work on the mod... it's really brought this game back from the grave for me!

I plugged in my XBox 360 controller into the USB port, and remapped the keys to match the Keyboard VSIM option. It is by far the easiest control method I've tried over the years. One stick controls movement, and the other controls the sword arm. Has anyone else tried this yet? If so, what remapping software do you use?

You know, with all the "retro" games being re-released in the XBox Live Arcade, DbtS would be a great addition :)
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Re: The best control option

Postby paldepind » 07 Jun 2010 19:51

My personal favorite is joystick. It's way easier than using the mouse and is a hell lot of fun. An epic battle gets even more epic when you're swining your joystick like a crazy :D
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