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The Hazardous Realm

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how to make a map, or even sth more

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how to make a map, or even sth more

Postby nuthriz » 17 Oct 2009 00:00

The question as in the topic. I've got the OFF editor freshly installed and just began fiddling with it, but - before taking a deeper and more purposeful plunge into it - would like to know, what would I actually need to use (just the OFF editor? rather not - then what to it?) to make an actual map (my dreams including creation of a coop campaign... but first things first).

I am eager and willing to get possibly deep into it, first, yet, I need some basic answers - e.g. for the question above.

No comments on Your Xtended dbts, Hazardous, as it doesn't work on my local Win2000 (tried all your links, etc.). I'm quite fine with the graphics I have now, though, just would love to be able to get somehow creative with them...

Greetings to all the Community :)
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