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To Hazard regarding online multiplayer DBTS

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To Hazard regarding online multiplayer DBTS

Postby andrewwan1980 » 09 May 2009 18:05

To Hazard:

please read my post (on the roaster) or I'll just paste it here:

Please note: you do not need Hamachi to play over the internet (assuming you can port forward 4 ports).

Read ... patibility for the port numbers to forward.

Only the server needs to port forward (assuming not using Hamachi), clients don't need to port forward. Playing without Hamachi should be generally faster since there's no VPN overhead.

Also, Limb From Limb installation seems to improve gameplay lag issues. It was very laggy with original DBTS.

Basically DBTS guarantees to work as long as it's Limb From Limb (better network code)... and will work via Hamachi (if server cannot port forward)... and will also work without Hamachi (if server can port forward 4 ports).

Played & tested with other people from other countries. Ping/lag is not bad. Playable, fun, exciting, funny,

Hazard, please edit your top first post in the sticky roaster thread... so that other people can prepare/set themselves up for multiplayer games quick n easy.
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Postby Hazard » 14 Jun 2009 03:03

Thanks for the information. The topic is updated now.

Question: In the TCP/IP dialog where you can choose to host a new game it is supposed to show a list of currently open games. Does this actually work? I highly doubt it, since it would require some kind of server to be running, but you never know. :) If not, i might be able to mod it to redirect it to a server of mine, to re-enable this feature.
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