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DbtS Vista help

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DbtS Vista help

Postby Raptor » 21 Jul 2008 13:50

I'm trying to get DbtS to run in Vista. In the gain access thread, Hazard said to

Try to set the compatibility options to "Windows 98 / Windows Me" and check "Run as Administrator". This worked for me, until i installed some - not yet identified - software, that exchanged some DLL and broke DbtS that way. But it may still work for you.

I have treid this but my "Run as Administrator" button is grayed out because, from what I assume, I only have one account on this computer and it is administrator. Here's my settings...


I'm still fairly new to Vista so I haven't figured out everything about it especially when trying to get older games to run right.

My problem with DbtS is that it will start up and get to the main menu, but the main menu is extremely sluggish. The sound loops and it slowly drops to where it's supposed to be. Also, if it matters, I also have LfL installed.
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Postby Raven » 22 Sep 2008 22:35

Have you heard of a sight called You can legally by DBTS and the expansion and the sight owners guarntee it will run on vista and will support you in running it. (or I think that is the case.. I have not bough dbts of the site yet, though I am sure that in time I will)
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Postby Hazard » 23 Sep 2008 19:36

I think you meant Thats actually a pretty good find! Since i'm not able to run DbtS on Vista or XP i would definately consider to buy it again from them, if their claim is true.
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Postby 8PK8 » 24 Sep 2008 16:42

Really does anyone know why won't dbts play on vista or xp?
Could dbts play on linux?
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