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Custom move flaws VSIM swordfight

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Custom move flaws VSIM swordfight

Postby Cpk » 02 Jul 2007 16:22

I don't know if it's right to put this here, but there is no proper sub-forum with this and I do here.

It was hard to control the sword first and now I play DBTS well with mouse as I move my right arm. The practice/play is fun. Then I tried to co-ordinate footing with slash, to beat skeltons without hitting each other at the same time. This works a monster of dash'n smash type. I'm really excited about the possibility of this game as same as I played the first Street Fighter II.

OK, I can attack the opponent, it's time to defend. Entered Pit of Doom and chose orc as the attecker, I parried his axes with my sword many times and I know how bot swings the weapon to see his posture. It is possible to guard because the speed of the swing is NOT to sharp. After this I have been able to attack and guard while moving. Hit ogre's leg and guard his deadly club in a seamless motion. DBTS rocks...

And I just used move editor to make some hard blow from right to left. It had been done, I hit the key for it against orc when my sword was at the left side. Enric swung his sword to the right side with unreasonable speed, and performed the custom move. I though I had never seen he did such a fast attack. I checked how good the first swing(it's actually the preparation of the custom move) was. Through some testing, I know this is bad. Very bad. It's like a cheat in VSIM system. I haven't played LAN game yet and won't in future, but that fast attack would mess DBTS. If rushing by hitting a key owns above swordfighting, it's an another game(of course, only to me).

If you have any issue with this, feel free to write out.

[edit 2007 24 September]

I was wrong. I guess custom move is made mainly for shield. Make 3 shield movements of upper, middle and downer and use them to block enemy's attack with a key, it's so convenient. You can easilly guard ogre's blow coming from left upper, too! But sometimes Enric would roll'n roll'n roll after getting hit over the shield, it's funny. Downer guard is used to block color2 Enric's attack(the white-knight-ish one). Middle guard is the same to default position of the shield and it's used to keep the shield back to middle.
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