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The Hazardous Realm

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Level Ideas

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Level Ideas

Postby Gdog4evr » 09 Mar 2007 03:43

I know everyone has bright ideas about the perfect DBTS Level, and hopefully when Hazards new level editor comes out, it will be easier than ever to make these into a reality. (I for one was fairly decent making the OFF files, but couldn't make anything else work).

Post your hopes and dreams here, so we'll actually remember them when the time comes:

My God, It's Full of Stars
The level is made of up of a series of boxes, all of them inside each other. Basically, you and your opponents are in the smallest one, and it is transparent. The others are almost entirely transparent, except they have a star pattern applied to them. The boxes can be set to rotate/shift back and forth, creating the effect that you are battling in the middle of space as the stars around you dance around.

This level is really only playable with the angel character. You start off sitting on a cloud. Around you are other clouds, a fairly large leap away. Below you is a fall leading to your doom. Jump to different clouds and battle your enemies! Also, would it be horrible if some clouds had tentacles that popped up?
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