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ATD editor

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ATD editor

Postby shui » 23 Feb 2007 08:27

Is the ATD editor still available for download anywhere? Or at least something that does the same thing?

Edit: Also, I may as well ask this here, rather than spamming the forums with even more topics. I've noticed that right-handedness is listed in the character files. Is it possible to make someone left-handed?

Second Edit: I tried opening an ATD file up with notepad, and it seems pretty clear how an ATD editor would work. I'd make one myself, but I'm leaving off on games for a while to get a new job. If anyone is interested in making an editor, just open some ATDs with notepad and compare the parts of the file with what they should look like unpacked. You should be able to find out what a .wav file begins and ends with and it's easy to make a program that searches for that.
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